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Tamara Jonah - Goka

For Tamara Jonah - Goka, event planner extraordinaire and CEO of Lionheart Events, creativity has been an essential part of life from the beginning. For the past ten years, she has built an extensive portfolio planning high profile celebrations from wedding celebrations to multi-faceted productions for a vast array of clients on the African continent. Not only is Tamara incredibly accomplished in her career, she is also the proud mother of two children and a role model to many, taking her knack for creating life-long memories into the impression she leaves on people’s lives. This is what makes Tamara stand out; her unique ability to create experiences and a people-centered approach. Events design is like conducting an orchestra and Tamara plans with the most significant attention to details, making every decision according to her world-class standard. Good things take time and her latest project, Cirque De Soir, has been in the making for the past six years as she has meticulously built her vision from the dream stage to execution.

As Cirque De Soir marks the diamond anniversary of Lionheart Events’ contributions to Accra’s luxury events landscape, it is fitting that this night will be not only celebrating African creative expression but also the journey of a Ghanaian-owned business that has grown to become a powerhouse of extravagant experiences and leading force in the hospitality industry. Cirque De Soir joins the legacy of Tamara Jonah-Goka’s commitment to perfection and elegant glamour to craft a show that is the first of its kind.

Villa Grace

Lionheart Events

Lionheart Events has been planning imaginative and dazzling experiences in Accra, Ghana and beyond since 2009. We specialize in putting together custom events just for you. Whether it’s your big day or you’re throwing a party just because, no event is too big or small for our accomplished team; down to the very last detail.

Lionheart takes ordinary events and turns them into the extraordinary with flair from start to finish: elegant venues, custom floral designs, striking marquees/tents and one of a kind event equipment—all under one roof.